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Is Your Brands Messaging

Falling Behind Your


Keeping up with changing customer attitudes and behaviours is difficult. What used to work well, doesn’t anymore, and you need new clear messaging, solutions and ideas to grow your business.

Do you lack a crystal clear message?

Are you looking to build trust with your audience?

Do you need to reach new customers?

Are you confident in how you present your brand?

Grow Your Business With Brand Strategy

Grab the attention of your customers with a crystal clear message

Create a brand that is recognised and trusted by your customers and audience

Have confidence in how your present your brand to your audience


Creating a brand strategy leaves you with an actionable plan for growing your business and ensures that your visual identity is effective and meets the needs of your target market.


We develop a brand strategy that becomes a series of steps to achieve your goals.


A clear and concise brand message results in customer engagement and in turn, gains sales. 


We develop your brand  messaging and tone of voice to ensure that a clear and consistent is delivered to your target audience.


A unique visual identity is how your brand stands out amongst your competitors, it needs to make a lasting impression.

We develop a visual identity that engages your target audience and stays in their mind.

Achieve Your Goals in 3 Easy Steps

Building a successful brand can be demanding and stressful, that is why i'm here to guide you.


Take an objective look at your brand, industry, target audience and brands goals to create a path to success.


Develop your brand strategy and a brand system ensuring that all visuals, messaging and tone are consistent across all touch points. Design the identity and logo.



Watch your audience engage with your brands clear message and consistent identity that they trust. Watch your business grow and thrive.

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Personal Brands

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Small Businesses

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 Here Is What Past Clients Have To Say

Gary Palmer - SRE Connect

"We gave Scott a tough deadline, not only did he deliver to us within the same day, but every single member of the team loved the logo. With a short description of company goals, he managed to encapsulate entirely what we were looking for, very impressed. Scott is now our go to guy for any design services."

Andrew Brown - Driving With Andrew

Scott designed the logo for my driving school. He is skilful, highly efficient, honest and collaborative. Creative, Fast and Professional.

Grow a brand your audience will engage


Scott Hardy-Bachan is a graphic designer with a passion for branding and strategy from London, UK.

My goal is to help your grand grow and thrive.

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Andrew Brown

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