Scott Hardy-Bachan is a graphic designer with a passion for branding and strategy from London, UK.

My goal is to help your brand grow and thrive.

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Event Design

Client: Various (Full Time Position)

Date: August 1025 - Feb 2017

Project: Various (Print + Digital)

I have had the pleasure of working with an event specialist company based in London. The company created, ran and managed events ranging from awards shows and corporate functions through to weddings and parties.

As the only graphic designer during my employment, I was tasked with working alongside project managers and clients directly in order to create the various artwork that would be needed for any such event. This could range from promotional materials and table place settings to on brand set design prints at a large scale. 

I was also responsible for designing and creating various presentations to be used during events, on occasion working with sound and lighting technicians to ensure that everything operated correctly. 

I was also tasked with creating and maintaining the companies website and assisting with various methods of marketing.

I had the pleasure of working with various clients during my time in the events industry including but not limited to, Coca-Cola, Haitong, Johnson & Johnson, BIFA and the Food & Travel Magazine.